The Tool Kit

This is the main page for the Tool Kit. From here you can navigate to calculators and conversion tools. These tools are provided to assist you with your project planning or just to provide useful information related to the our industry. While we have worked hard to ensure the accuracy of our calculators and conversion tools, we encourage you to follow the old carpenter's rule -- "measure twice and cut once". Make sure that you know how to use the tool and don't be afraid to double check our results. Here are the tools:

Gauge to Decimal Inch Conversion (for sheet steel, strip and tubing, aluminum and stainless steel)

Insulation Calculator (for gabled metal buildings)

Loan Payment CalculatorConstruction Girl

Metric to Metric Conversions

Numeric Fraction to Decimal Conversion

Thickness and Weights for Uncoated Steel

U.S. and Metric Conversion (length)

U.S. and Metric Conversion (area)

U.S. and Metric Conversion (volume)

U.S. and Metric Conversion (weights)

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