Lawyer with briefcaseTerms, Conditions, Policies and Procedures

There was a time when contractual partners exchanged pleasantries, agreed on terms for the sale, shook hands and went about their affairs.  If any questions arose or changes needed to be made, one or the other would arrange a meeting to discuss the matter.  Since we cannot meet with every Internet customer, we are providing the following documents for your review. 

The best contractual relationship is mutually beneficial to both parties.  We believe that such a relationship will exist between us in that we will provide a quality product and you will pay us a fair amount for the product that we provide.  We also believe that the contractual relationship should be understood by both parties.  We are providing these documents to help establish that understanding.  These documents protect our interest and yours, so If you have any questions, please click on this link to go the Contact Us
 page and call, write or email to communicate your question or concerns.

Note:  Titles below are shortened for page space considerations.  

View  -- Terms of Use Agreement

View  -- General Terms and Conditions

View  -- Privacy Policy

View  -- Pricing Policy

View  -- Cancelation

  -- Terms and Conditions for Receipt and Inspection (TCRI) (Roll up and Garage Doors)

View  -- TCRI (Insulation)

View  -- TCRI (Other Products)