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Model 1950 Roll Up DoorJanus Series 1950 Features


The value engineered model 1950 is the first of the next generation of rolling sheet doors to feature a substantial economical advantage. By elevating industry standards, to maintaining the highest quality and value, this door features innovative components that make the Model 1950 more versatile, flexible and easier to install and service in a variety of field applications.

Color Selections

The 26 gauge corrugated door curtain is manufactured from full hard galvanized grade 80 steel and coated with Super Durable polyester paint that is backed by a 40 year film integrity and 25 year no-fade limited paint warranty. Available in sizes up to 12’0” x 14’0” and in over 20 different standard colors.

Nylon Stripping

Tough, durable and wide, heavy duty nylon strapping helps control curtain stretch and works in conjunction with the vinyl guide strip to reduce wear and deaden sound.

Slide bolt lock

The slide bolt lock assembly affixed to the bottom bar at each end of the door curtain fastens through the guide to securely keep the door locked and in the down position. Padlocks can be attached to the slide to further secure the door.

Flat door stop slide

The flat door stop slide makes installation quicker. Simply slide through the hub through the slot on the guide and affix with a fastener.


9-1/2" Diameter Drum

9-1/2” diameter drums allow for lower headroom requirements. An enclosed barrel houses the dead axle assembly and protects the factory lubricated springs from direct contact with environmental elements.  The inherent strength provided by the spiral barrel minimizes axle deflection, providing smoother operation. Because the curtain is attached by screws and not seamed to the barrel, replacement of either independent assembly is cost-effective, quick and easy.

Grease Filled Radial Ball Bearings 

Grease-filled, shielded radial ball bearings at the drums provide longevity and smooth operation. Factoryinstalled insert nuts help make the installation of the chain hoist and operator sprocket easier

Cam Action Spring Tensioner

A cam-action spring tension holding device allows quick, easy and equal adjustment of the tension on all springs simultaneously from one end of the door. The cam tensioner bites into the axle helping to eliminate the unwanted spinning of the axle during the initial spring loading or adjustment process.

Reduced Drive Chain Hoist

A reduced drive chain hoist allows for smoother operation on doors over 10’0” wide or 10’0” tall.

Mounting Brackets

Mounting brackets are engineered and designed with deep embossing for strength, and are independently tested to withstand more than 1,200 pounds per pair. The installation-friendly mounting brackets feature safe rounded edges and slots that allow for easy vertical adjustments as well as various installation preferences.

Spring Tensioning Device

Convenient spring tension adjustment is accommodated by inserting 

a common 3/8” ratchet tool into theend of the drive shaft and rotating. Initial loading of the door tension can be easily accomplished with a ratchet without the difficulty of spinning the door. This innovation also allows the tension to be easily measured and managed with a torque wrench.

Prep Kit for Electrical Operator

The electrical operation kit includes a sprocket and torque struts that equip the door for wall mounted jackshaft electric operators and can be furnished in lieu of reduced drive chain hoist when provided.

R-4 Insulation

Insulation is made of a foil backed, dual layer of heavy-duty polyethylene air-bubble insulation secured inplace with a strong adhesive and joined by mylar film to provide an R value of 4. (Top draft stop and side draft stops are also included.  Top draft stop and side draft stop are also referred to as top seal and guide weather seal, respectively.)

Available header seal attaches directly to the header and extends up to 5” to the door curtain to form an effective barrier from environmental elements.

Top draft stop mounted to the door curtain provides a 2-1/4” weather seal between the door and the header.

Universal mount 2.5” deep 16 gauge galvanized steel guides require no pre-installation modifications for wood, steel, concrete or masonry block applications.

Mounting Measurements
Universal mount 2.5” deep 16 gauge galvanized steel guides require no pre-installation modifications for wood, steel, concrete or masonry block applications.

Clearance Detail
roll up door head room requirements

Rolling sheet door diagram
roll up door side room requirements

An informed customer is the best kind of customer.  As such, a wide array of technical information is provided to you so that your Janus door selection and installation is made easier.  Click this link to view and print the shop drawing for your Model 1950 door.  Here is a helpful drawing of a sample completed door assembly.  Before you begin door assembly, read this helpful Model 1950 installation guide.  If it becomes necessary to adjust the tension on your door spring, follow these door tensioning instructions.

One of the most difficult decisions that you will make is selection of your Janus Model 1950 door color.  To aid in the process, we provide you with this handy color chart.  Please keep in mind that the color shown on your computer screen may not be exact.  To view the warranty information just click this warranty link.  

Many of our customers, particularly those along hurricane coastlines, may find this code information helpful.  If you need to work with a local code official, you may find this Janus Model 1950 technical specifications sheet useful.  Print it out and take it with you to aid in your discussions.

Janus Model 1950 doors may be delivered with several draft and seal options.  You may order your door with a draft stop, a piece of rubber that attaches to the door curtain or you may elect to purchase a header seal that attaches to the framed opening.  We also offer a side draft or 'guide weather assembly' that contains a rubber seal and foam strip that attach to the door guide and curtain to provide weather resistance.  Please note that the foam strip attachment is not shown in the guide weather assembly drawing.  Another option is to purchase an insulation package.  This package includes factory attached Foil Bubble insulating material (R-4) and also includes the top and side draft stops.  With or without one of these options, we are convinced that you will enjoy your Janus Model 1950 door for years to come. 

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