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Metal Building InsulationWhy fiberglass insulation? 

  • It saves energy, thereby lowering your utility bills. 
  • It may qualify for a federal tax break under Federal Energy bills or local tax breaks under State Energy Policies (SEP). 
  • It finishes the interior of your metal building by giving it an inviting, clean look. 
  • It absorbs sound and brightens the interior of your metal building by reflecting light (assuming use of an available white vapor barrier facing).

While our primary market is the commercial and agricultural building market, we also offer products that may be used in residential applications.  Our metal building insulation is a flexible blanket product engineered specifically for steel buildings.  It may be purchased unfaced or with a variety of vapor retarder facings and it is available in several thicknesses.  To view product descriptions for insulation facings, see photographs or access specification sheets, click this facings link.  Your selection of facing depends on the intended use.  Will you use the product by itself or will you use it with the SolarGuard (radiant barrier) reflective insulation?  When used with a vapor retarder facing, the product is suitable for use in metal building roof and wall applications.  Unfaced, it may used in conjunction with SolarGuard foil insulation or it may be used to fill voids in wall and roof cavities.

Because it is manufactured with metal buildings in mind, both our roof insulation and wall insulation products are made in widths and lengths suitable for that purpose.  Fiberglass insulation is a superior product that is non-corrosive, has excellent acoustical performance, low thermal conductivity, toughness, resiliency and fire resistance. 

We think that reading through the information provided on this page and the pages that may be accessed from here will answer the vast majority of your questions.  However, there is one question that is asked so frequently, that we decided to address it right here:  "I want to put the insulation in my attic space.  Are the rolls small enough to fit through my opening?"   This is a tough question since it depends on the size of your attic opening.  Most people asking this question are referring to a "pull down stairs" type of opening.  Typically, the smallest dimension of these openings is 26" while a standard roll of insulation has a diameter of nearly 38".  Therefore, in most cases, you will not be able to fit a packaged roll of insulation through your opening.  Additionally, you must consider that the weight of the roll most often purchased for this purpose weighs approximately 70 pounds.  But don't despair, you can unroll the product and pull it through your opening or pre-cut it downstairs and then take the lighter and more manageable pieces up to the attic.  We save you some money by producing this material in long rolls versus short pre-cut sections.

How much insulation do I need?  Perhaps this Department of Energy chart will help:

DOE Data

Insulation thicknesses may be combined to reach different R-Values.  The chart below illustrates some combinations.

  Typical R-Value Combinations

Another benefit of using fiberglass insulation products for your metal building is that insulation pays.  It lowers your utility bills and you may get a per-square-foot tax break (deduction) from Uncle Sam.  To learn more, read about the 2005 Energy Bill and how you may benefit with energy efficiency improvements.

Basement InsulationWe have spent a lot of time talking about metal building insulation but perhaps you came here looking for residential insulation.  Many of our fiberglass products work just as well in residential applications.  Let us know what you are doing and we'll match a product to your needs.  We offer a choice of R-10, R-13, R-19 insulation in our faced materials and R-25 or R30 insulation in our unfaced material.  Our faced insulation is ideal for new or retrofit work and our unfaced insulation is an outstanding product for beefing up the R-value of attics that already have some insulation installed. 

In addition to products already discussed and others that are available, we offer three products that are particularly suitable for residential use; 1) a perforated insulation for use in basements (CL5050 - 3.5B, WMP-VPP), 2) Solarguard reflective foil barrier (RFSK Foil/Foil) and 3) unfaced insulation in various sizes.  Our basement insulation is rated at R-11 and comes with two (2) 3 inch tabs for overlapping one run of insulation with the next run.  This material is available in 48" x 50' rolls (200 square feet per roll).  When install WMP-VPP in basements or crawl spaces, consider using masonry fasteners with oversized heads or washers.  Our Solarguard material is available in several sizes.  Please refer to the SolarGuard section of the website to learn more about our Solarguard material.  Our unfaced insulation is available in "R" values ranging from R-10 to R-30.  

Still have questions about Insulation products?  Visit our Insulation Questions page.  Curious about the freight charges for these products.  Click here to view our most current Freight Notices.  

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Insulation Solutions

We have teamed up with GBP Silvercote and their parent company, Guardian Building Products so that we may offer a complete range of insulation products and systems. GBP Silvercote leads the way with a broad range of fall protection and prevention products, revolutionary products like SolarGuard™ Reflective Insulation and PurlinGlideFP™®. Working with GBP Silvercote we can offer customers unique solutions for their construction projects from one source.

Silvercote helps us bring the highest level of service to you. State-of-the-art custom laminating equipment allows us to offer the longest rolls and thickest faced blanket in the industry and hot-melt adhesive lamination provides an exceptional finished appearance.

Read on and learn about the outstanding products available to you for use on your next construction project.

Use our handy
Insulation Calculator to estimate the amount of insulation needed for your steel buildings project.  Just click this link to go to the calculator.


Installing Insulation with the Purlin Glide SystemAll-in-one leading edge fall prevention and insulation system.

The PurlinGlide OSHA-compliant leading edge fall prevention and insulation system for metal buildings is one of the most respected installation systems. It offers a simple, easy and fast process for installing insulation while providing leading edge fall prevention. This system can be used effectively on all building sizes and works on nearly all brands of metal buildings, purlins or bar joists. It has a finished appearance with no visible seams.

Features and benefits:
  • Vapor retarder acts as the fall prevention.
  • Reduces seams by 70% (compared to 6" faced blanket).
  • Provides a simple, easy and fast ONE STEP process for insulation and leading edge fall prevention.
  • Can be used effectively on all building sizes.
  • Complies with OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1926.754(e)(3)(i).
  • No heavy/bulky machines.
  • Minimal set-up times.
  • Certified training provided

Perfect R

Insulation Installation with Perfect R SystemThe Perfect R insulation system is a highly efficient method of applying metal building insulation to pre-engineered buildings using a vapor retarder (facing) machine which attaches the facing to the top of roof purlins, trusses or joists.

Perfect R may be used as a single-layer or two-layer system. When utilized as a two layer system, the bottom layer is applied between the purlins and a second layer of insulation is applied across the top of the purlins. Sky-Web II® is recommended with any thickness of Perfect R but it must be used with all Perfect R systems that are over R-19.

Because Perfect R tapes the facing seams and places them directly over the purlins, a continuous vapor retarder is maintained throughout the roof to the provide maximum protection against condensation. Also, since the seams are on top of the purlins, there are no visible stapled or lapped joints. The building interior has a seamless look. In addition to these advantages, the facing and insulation may also be installed in windier conditions than conventional faced insulation blankets because the facing is taped to the purlins.

Features and benefits:

  • Superior condensation control.
  • Exceptional wind resistance.
  • Smooth seamless appearance.

Energy Saver System

Installed Energy Saver SystemThe economical, high R-value insulation system.

The Energy Saver System consists of a bright white support fabric, a network of straps (painted galvanized banding), and fiberglass blanket insulation. Each piece of the support fabric is custom made to fit a specific location (roof or wall) within the building. High R-values are achieved by filling the purlin depth with uncompressed blanket insulation. The insulation is positioned on (or to the outside of) the fabric in various combinations of R-values, depending on the project requirements and available space. Our most popular roof systems consist of two layers of fiberglass. One is installed directly on top of the fabric (parallel with the purlins), while the second layer is positioned perpendicular to the purlins (minimizing conductive heat transfer from the purlins to the roof panels). In a single layer system, the fiberglass is installed on the fabric and thermal spacer blocks (an optional component) are positioned on the purlins. The Energy Saver System provides excellent condensation control, is bright, durable and requires little maintenance.

Sky-Web II®

Sky Web Fall Protection System InstalledThe Sky-Web II Fall Protection and Insulation Support System is one of the most unique safety products available in the market today.

The Sky-Web II System is an innovative passive restraint system that protects workers from falls at the leading edge of a roof. It does this by providing a "web" of knotted nylon mesh that is attached to the perimeter of the roof's secondary structural members. With minimal investment, Sky-Web II increases safety and efficiency, reduces injury, and is easy to install.

Sky-Web II is a made-to-order product that arrives at the job site with all of the instructions and required hardware necessary to complete the installation.

The system consists of a 2 3/4" x 2 3/4" knotted nylon mesh that can accommodate every building configuration. Individual mesh pieces can be made in one piece to any building width and up to 60' in bay length.

Once construction is complete, the mesh remains as a permanent part of th roof system, providing support for the insulation materials. The products white color blends well with most fiberglass insulation facings, maintaining an attractive and nearly invisible appearance.

If you have more questions about Purlin Glide or one of our other products, give us a call or go to Contact Us.  

If you want to check insulation cost and/or place an order, click the "View Pricing or Checkout Now" button at the top of the page.  Keep in mind that Fiberglass Insulation in sold by the roll.  Note: It's a good idea to purchase your double stick tape and patch tape with your insulation (not applicable for unfaced insulation).   

For prefabricated metal building applications, if you want us to estimate your insulation for you and provide an insulation price quote, all you need to know is the particulars of your building.  We will be happy to prepare a quote for you (normally within 24 hours).