Contractor Discounts


We offer a fairly aggressive discount structure for our contractors who purchase fiberglass insulation and SolarGuard.  Our multi-level program provides distinct advantages to contractors and builders.

Our discounting program is based on the 'Cumulative' dollar amount of your purchases.  For example, if you make a purchase in January for $55,000.00 and then another in April for $35,000.00 then your cumulative purchases to that point would be $90,000.00 and your discount would end up going to 13%.  (More on this below). 

Cumulative Purhcases      Discount Amount

Up to $25,000.00 10%

$ 25,000.01 - $ 50,000.00 11%
$ 50,000.01 - $ 75,000.00
$ 75,000.01 - $150,000.00 13%
$150,000.01 - $225,000.00 14%
$225,000.01 - $300,000.00 15%
$300,000.01 - $375,000.00 16%
$375,000.01 - $450,000.00 17%
$450,000.01 and greater 18%

The most exciting part of this discount structure is that the percentage that you reach is the percentage that will start your next year.  For example; let's say that in 2013 your purchases totaled $164,900.00.  Based on that cumulative total for 2013 you would have earned a 14% discount.  So here's the good part -- during the life of the program you won't lose that discount.  As such, if you only purchased $40,000.00 in 2014 and $25,000.00 in 2015 you would still get a 14% discount.  Bottom line -- Once you earn the discount, it's yours.

Additionally, individual orders valued at $8900.00 or more are eligible for free shipping.  Click this
freight link to view our normal freight rates for fiberglass insulation and SolarGuard products where the individual order total is less than $8900.00.

Send us an email at sales or give us a call at 866-568-6594 and we'll be happy to discuss our discount program further. We'll assign you a discount code and you will be ready to start making your discounted purchases.